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Orlando Rodriguez Cuevas Art Specialist

Fine Arts and Technology Course Description
The Fine arts and Technology course is designed to introduce the students to the elements of art and Principles of design while exploring current technologies for art and design.

Anyone considering a future in the visual arts, or simply enjoys working with images will find this course to be invaluable.

We will primarily explore 2 applications this year.
One will be Procreate, which we will be exploring on the iPad. The other will be Photopea.com a free web based digital imaging application that we will explore on our Chrome-books.

Both applications allow the user to draw, paint, manipulate photos, make selections, work in layers as well as, compose pages that include images and type.
In our lessons, we will explore art history, because it is important to know the past as we make our way into the future.

We will learn to trace, draw and paint images.

We will develop photo editing skills.

We will utilize the elements of art.

We will apply the principles of design when developing our projects.

We will learn how to compose and edit type for poster and package designs.

We will explore our creativity using our imaginations to develop ideas from nothing, known as brainstorming.
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