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Working Papers

Jersey City Public Schools
Please read the instructions below for completing working papers correctly. If they are not
completed correctly, they can not be processed.
They are not done here at Ferris.
Working papers are only done virtually after school hours.
To get a copy of the working papers go here:
Directions on how to complete the paperwork:
1) Sections A, B, and C must be completed and signed.
a) The student and parent/guardian complete Section A
b) The employer completes Section B.
(i) The employer must put estimated hours or estimated start and end times –
dashes, X’s, and checkmarks are not accepted.
c) The doctor or school nurse completes Section C.
(i) If your doctor completes it, they must sign it and provide a stamped
(ii) The school nurse can complete it if you have had a sports physical. If the
school nurse completes Section C, a written address is fine.
2) The student must sign on the bottom right in Section F where it says "Signature of
3) Once all of those Sections are complete, scan and email the working papers along with
your social security card and proof of age (for example birth certificate, passport,
State ID) to [email protected] (NOT and she will complete the
school and issuing officer sections and email your completed working papers back to
a) If you are a JCPS student, you must include the school you attend and the grade
you completed in June 2022 in your email.
There is only one issuing officer for the district, so you must submit your
paperwork early to give the issuing officer enough time to get them back to you.