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Mrs. Colella ELA Teacher

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AP Language and Composition:
An AP English Language and Composition course cultivates the reading
and writing skills that students need for college success and for intellectually
responsible civic engagement. The course guides students in becoming
curious, critical, and responsive readers of diverse texts and becoming
flexible, reflective writers of texts addressed to diverse audiences for
diverse purposes. The reading and writing students do in the course should
deepen and expand their understanding of how written language functions
rhetorically: to communicate writers’ intentions and elicit readers’ responses
in particular situations.
ELA 2 and ELA 2H:
The study of grade 10 ELA focuses on core ELA Units that take students through literary and informational texts that explore how individuals interact with each other through exchanges involving culture, language, and relationships. The selections presented in each unit and grade strike an appropriate balance of fiction, poetry, drama, argumentative, and informational texts, consistent with grade-level standards, and offer for analysis complex themes and ideas as well as compelling characters and examples of craft and structure. Students have a myriad of opportunities to enrich their writing, including immersion in specific academic vocabulary, peer review and revision, and group discussion and collaboration.
Critical and Creative Writing:
The district English Language Arts curricula for grades 9-12 consists of both classic and contemporary literature with an assortment of various genres, cultures, and time periods. The writing discourses support argumentative, informative, analysis, and narrative writing, as well as creative and reflective writing. These tasks are supported with district rubrics that have been implemented to align to the NJSLA student assessment.
About Me:
I have a B.A. in Secondary English Education. I have been teaching for over 20 years in the district. I have a husband, three children, and two dogs. I love the beach and traveling, although I don't get to do it as often as I would like.