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Intro to Biology

Welcome!  I hope you are ready to begin studying the subject Biology. Scientists are interested in the composition, structure, and behavior of various forms of life, from the smallest atom to the most complex living species. They observe matter to elucidate its properties, and they study how various substances react with each other. Their goals are to comprehend the basic biological and chemical principles, the study of cells, continuity and change, and ecology. A survey is made of all the major phyla of life forms from viruses to humans. Investigations are an integral component of the course.

Fascination with discipline is further derived from the fact that, in science, many initially vague and abstract concepts have been so thoroughly investigated that subsequently, they have become clearly and definitively understood. As a result, science has a rich history that exemplifies the nature of scientific inquiry and the analytical approach utilized to acquire information. Scientific analysis, moving from the unknown to the known, is one of the major forces that attract students to study this subject.

One of the goals of studying science-in fact, of all education- is to  understand how we may best fit into the world around us. A fuller knowledge of ourselves and of the roles we play would surely lead to better life for all.